ARMYs Believe BTS’s J-Hope Incorporated Some Of His Past Iconic Choreography When Collaborating With Crush For “Rush Hour”

Did you notice the references?

When it comes to BTS‘s J-Hope, it seems like there’s nothing he can’t do. Since debuting, J-Hope has cemented himself as a true all-rounder because he can rap, dance, sing, and is a true visual. He also has the sweetest personality, collaborating with other artists and helping them whenever possible.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Despite all this, J-Hope is definitely known for his dancing skills. For many, the idol’s diverse talent and skills make him one of the best dancers in the K-Pop industry according to many netizens.


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Therefore, it wasn’t surprising when his amazing dancing was on show during his recent collaboration with artist Crush for the track “Rush Hour.” During the track, both Crush and J-Hope wowed netizens with their insane talents and undeniable chemistry.

| Crush/YouTube

| Crush/YouTube 

Yet, even though J-Hope is collaborating with Crush, the idol has still found ways to incorporate his own music and that of BTS into the song.

When the video was released, many netizens on social media noticed some references to past choreography in the music video. During two moments in the video, J-Hope showcased his amazing dancing skills while rapping.

| Crush/YouTube

| Crush/YouTube 

Many believe that the awesome moves looked very similar to the choreography seen in his collaboration track “Chicken Noodle Soup” with singer Becky G.

When it came to one of the moves he used in the freestyle section with Crush, ARMYs even saw a reference to the classic BTS song called “Mic Drop.” With the same arm actions and bright expressions, it isn’t surprising that ARMYs quickly found the similarities.

Many also believe that they saw references to J-Hope’s solo track “Just Dance” during the music video but just with the choreography sped up.

| Crush/YouTube

When people noticed, they couldn’t hide their excitement at all the references, some even included the likes of Jin’s “Super Tuna.”

As always, no matter how big or small, J-Hope always seems to put things into his work that ARMYs can recognize. Although some parts of the choreography might be clearer than others, it is the thought that counts, and fans loved seeing the references in the choreography.

You can read more about his collaboration below.

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