Chapter 2 Of BTS’s J-Hope — Here’s Why It’s Time To Remove Mang’s Mask

Here are his ideas for the new design!

In the latest episode of “Inside Mang,” it’s time for BTS‘s J-Hope to brainstorm ideas for the BT21 character’s true face. Since it’s difficult to begin designing right away, he starts by discussing the reasons he thought it was time to for this change.

Representative of J-Hope himself, Mang’s mask removal represents J-Hope’s second chapter as an artist.

It’s a character that I made, and it has a little part of me. This character is like no other and I’m wondering if I could create more of an impact than that.

— J-Hope

However, just because he’s taking the mask off doesn’t mean that masked Mang is gone forever — It will always be a part of his design, but this new side will also show more of Mang’s depth.

J-Hope’s number one request for Mang’s true face: He wants to be cool!

J-Hope defines being “cool” as someone who is good at what they do, responsible, and not afraid of adventure (Basically, himself)!

The artists suggest that in order to convey these inner “cool” characteristics, it can be shown through his eyes. What kind of cool and charismatic eyes will Mang have?

Additionally, just like the “new” J-Hope, Mang will always pursue some new adventures. From studying…

…to cooking, Mang is ready to try out new things and see what kind of results he gets, just like J-Hope.

J-Hope revealed skydiving as part of his bucket list, showing his bold dreams and ideas about adventure for the future. Perhaps Mang will also pursue this path!

As it takes great strength and courage to remove the mask, Mang’s personality will also convey these attributes.

Don’t you think getting rid of the mask is a sign of great courage? Something really strong and proud, I think.

— J-Hope

When asked about a defining moment that made Mang take the mask off, J-Hope suggests that Mang dances as he removes the mask to show a new and improved self.

This image may instantly bring back memories of J-Hope at Lollapalooza, emerging from the box with a new image and ready to show fans an even cooler side of himself.

So far, here’s what we can expect from Mang’s new design: It will be symbolic of J-Hope’s new chapter, cool, courageous, adventurous, and strong — Sounds like the perfect representation of J-Hope himself!

Next episode, the design process truly begins! For now, check out the full episode below.