BTS J-Hope’s Instagram Story Is Confusing The Heck Out Of Us

A trip to the dentist?

BTS‘s J-Hope is busy preparing for the next two PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS concerts, but he’s not too busy to drop by Instagram!


Ever since BTS opened their personal Instagram accounts, J-Hope has been carefully curating content and building his own aesthetic. He often posts Polaroid-style photos that feel vintage.

Lately, J-Hope has taken a break from his usual content to post photos from BTS’s concerts and his downtime in Las Vegas. Today, he shared two new stories. In one, J-Hope is hanging out at the ARIA Resort & Casino. ARMY’s sunshine looks right at home under this cheerful, rainbow balloon and its adorable clouds.

J-Hope also shared a photo that has some fans feeling very confused!

Is J-Hope at the dentist’s? Whose mouth is that? What’s with the flower? Who or what is Monika? If you’re one of the people who asked these questions, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

J-Hope hasn’t had a check-up at the dentist. Rather, he has been listening to new music! Monika, a 2021 album by Balming Tiger’s Lee Suho will be released as a vinyl record on April 16. J-Hope is one of the lucky fans who received a copy before the official release date.

Get a taste of the album here: