BTS’s J-Hope Drops “Jack In The Box” Inspired Merch — Here Are All The Items You Can Buy

He added his own personal touch to every item.

To celebrate his solo debut album Jack in the Box, BTS‘s J-Hope is releasing a line of merch inspired by the album’s imagery. Check out some of the things you can buy below!

1. Hope In The Box

This Jack in the Box represents J-Hope’s album and is decorated with lyrics of “MORE” and “ARSON.”

It comes with 2 photocards and 7 graphic cards.

The album’s tracklist is printed on the bottom.

2. Crop T-Shirt

This shirt features a stunning “MORE” graphic on the back.

On the front, the lyrics “I’m still, not enough” are printed along the neckline.

The shirt has a cropped, wide fit.

3. Damaged T-Shirt

This shirt has the words “Arson” and “Burn” printed on it.

It comes distressed to give it a vintage feeling.

4. Sticker Set

This sticker set features a huge variety of Jack in the Box related imagery.

Visuals such as the box in “MORE” and J-Hope’s jester hat are featured in the designs.

5. Candle

This candle features the “Arson” logo on the side and the word “Burn” on the cap.

6. Match Box

Available only in Korea, the match box features 20 matches for lighting the candle.

7. Fabric Poster

This canvas-fabric poster is designed with a photo of J-Hope and various graphics.

8. Keyring

This mini keyring is designed after J-Hope’s jester hat.

He chose a ball chain to add a vintage charm.

9. Scrunchie Set

Two scrunchies are in this set and each one is designed after a different titles track.

“MORE” comes in white with black and blue graphics while “Arson” is black with white and pink graphics.

J-Hope gave it a slim design so it could be worn as a wristband.