BTS’s J-Hope And Jin Had Plans Sorted For Christmas Eve, But It Seems As If Jin Now Has Other Plans

J-Hope had the best comeback to Jin’s reply!

Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is starting to make plans about what they’re going to be doing over the festive season! In particular, as the members of BTS begin to finish their time in quarantine, they are planning what they want to do with their newfound freedom!

Well, it seems as if two of the members already have plans set for Christmas Eve… and they are BTS’s J-Hope and Jin!

BTS’s Jin (left) and J-Hope (right)

On December 18, J-Hope posted some adorable pictures of his Christmas preparations, including an adorable plushie of the character Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

BTS’s Jin | @uarmyhope/ Instagram
| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Under the photo, oldest member Jin seemed to be getting into the festive spirit as well and remembered a promise J-Hope had made to him earlier in the year.

In a comment, Jin explained, “Jwe-Hope, you said you wanted to have a drink with me on Christmas Eve,” and it seemed like J-Hope was all for it as he replied, “Contact me.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Yet, just as ARMYs and J-Hope were getting excited, Jin decided to break the hearts of millions by replying, “I have to complete a game event, sorry.” It seems that despite J-Hope actually wanting to keep his promise to meet with Jin for drinks, the group’s oldest member is actually busy…

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Luckily, J-Hope knew that Jin might have this response and brought out the heavy artillery. In his next comment, he explained that Jin had to come, adding, “Hyung, you have to see me for sure. I’ve prepared something incredible.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Although Jin didn’t reply, it is easy to assume that Jin couldn’t turn down J-Hope’s offer knowing that he has so much planned. However, it isn’t the first time the two members have caught the attention of fans for their interactions about meeting for a drink.

In July, Jin went on a commenting spree on Weverse in an attempt to try and get J-Hope to have drinks with him! However, this wasn’t just an isolated event, and he tried several times to get the attention of his member!

In August, during a fan meet, Jin revealed that he had actually watched a fancam of Suga recently. Although that was sweet enough, he was actually drinking with J-Hope when this happened.

| @Pere_bts/ Twitter 

Hopefully, Jin will take J-Hope up on his offer for drinks, and we can get more interactions between the members soon. You can read more about the endless saga of Jin and J-Hope going for drinks together below.

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Source: @uarmyhope