An ARMY Sent A Touching Fan Letter To BTS’s J-Hope, And Jin Had The Sweetest Response

2Seok for life!

The friendship between BTS‘s J-Hope and Jin is one of the funniest and most heartwarming relationships in K-Pop! After a fan recently posted a touching message on Weverse to one member, the duo proved just how close they are!

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A fan posted a heartwarming letter to J-Hope on Weverse, which was just too soft. In the letter, the ARMY explained how inspiring J-Hope was and how much he makes their lives better.

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Although many fans post sweet messages like this, sometimes they get missed by the members in the flood of comments because of the sheer number of them. Yet, this ARMY seemed to be lucky and had written something that caught the attention of a certain BTS member, and that person was Jin.

Jin must have read the thoughtful message posted by the fan and had the sweetest response to the letter saying, “Hobi is my hope.”

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There is no denying that Jin and J-Hope (known as 2Seok) have one of the sweetest friendships, which proves how close they are. After fans saw the interaction, they took to social media with some serious feels about Jin’s comment.

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