ARMY May Have Solved The Mystery Of J-Hope’s “Important Business”

A new “clue” is getting everyone excited for this rumored collaboration.

Some BTS mysteries might never be solved, but fans may have uncovered a new clue about J-Hope‘s “important business”.


In August, J-Hope flew to Los Angeles for a private schedule, during BTS’s month-long vacation. Since then, everyone’s been wondering what J-Hope was up to. On August 20, a fan on Weverse asked what his plans were, hoping he would reveal details…


but “important business” was all he said.


Some fans, however, began to wonder if this “important business” has something to do with new music after an ARMY posted this comment on September 5.


In response, J-Hope dropped this exciting hint.


Now, some fans think J-Hope may have been working on a secret collaboration with Becky G. J-Hope and Becky G were in Los Angeles at the same time, J-Hope has previously expressed interest in working together…


…and Becky G hinted at a collab while talking about meeting BTS at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

Host: So when is this collaboration going to drop?

Becky G: When we get to it, you know?


As of September 25, BTS and Becky G are mutals on Twitter, and fans couldn’t be more thrilled!


As of now, nothing has been confirmed, but “Hobi G” enthusiasts are hopeful. Here’s what else J-Hope may have been up to during his trip.

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