BTS’s J-Hope Makes ARMYs Emotional After Never Forgetting To Mention His Members

With his sexy outfit, it was a lot to take in…

ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement when it was announced that BTS‘s J-Hope would be one of the stars attending and performing at the 2022 MAMA Awards.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

From the minute he arrived at Incheon Airport, he already had fans excited with his killer visuals and unique outfit.

J-Hope at Incheon Airport

As expected, he was one of the most anticipated stars on the red carpet. As soon as J-Hope walked out, ARMYs worldwide held their breath as the idol came out in a smart-fitting suit, sunglasses, but no shirt!

Walking down towards the stage, J-Hope truly was the main event and seemed like a professional model as he was met with cheers of support from fans.

Considering the power he held on the red carpet, it wasn’t surprising that the photos taken by the media were equally as impactful.

If his look wasn’t enough to send the internet into meltdown, J-Hope made ARMYs’ hearts melt when he made sure to speak about the members.

When asked how he felt being at the awards by himself, J-Hope honestly explained that he did feel nervous as he felt like the six other BTS members should be with him.

J-Hope then added that although it felt “strange” and “awkward,” he wanted to show off his best side.

Although his first answer linked to the question, when asked about spoilers for the performance, J-Hope couldn’t help but say how different it felt as it was his first awards show performance by himself, as he had always done it with BTS.

As expected, J-Hope showcased his professionalism, explaining that he made sure to make everything on a big scale so it “Won’t seem empty.”

Even when he won the award for “Most Popular Male Artist,” not only did he have the best reactions…

But he made sure to refer to himself as “J-Hope from BTS” and thanked his members in the speech, adding, “The members who supported me more than anyone.”

It unsurprisingly made ARMYs very emotional…

With J-Hope’s performance one of the most anticipated of the whole event, it isn’t surprising that he was wowing fans before the event even started.

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Source: Mnet K-Pop