BTS’s J-Hope Wanted To Go For A Morning Jog During “In The SOOP,” But Jin Had Other Ideas In Mind

It was definitely relatable!

When people think about going on vacation and taking a break from the world, most of the time, it will involve a lot of relaxing, eating, and of course, sleeping. However, it seems as if one person who didn’t get that memo was BTS‘s J-Hope!

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During the latest episode of BTS’s In The SOOP, while the rest of the members were sleeping after a night of fun and fireworks, J-Hope decided to get up early and prepare for a run in the beautiful scenery they were surrounded by.

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With his best running gear, J-Hope rightly decided that it was more fun running with a friend and went to wake up Jin to see if he wanted to join. However, from the very beginning, it seems as if Jin knew exactly what J-Hope wanted from him before he even said anything.

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After a quick look and seeing J-Hope’s outfit, Jin confirmed his worst suspicions that he was being picked to join his member on a brisk run in the morning. With his light clothing and beanie hat, J-Hope was definitely dressed for business and very different from Jin, warmly wrapped up in bed.

Like many of us, it didn’t seem to be on the top of his to-do list, and he even added, “Are you in the right mind?” when J-Hope seemed to have the smirk of someone with a plan.

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Surprisingly, Jin actually got up from his pillow to ask J-Hope if his real plan was actually going for a run in the morning. It seems as if, like all the other members, J-Hope had something that he wanted to achieve during that trip, and a group jog was one of those.

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Yet, even after some persuading from J-Hope, Jin finally realized that a run definitely wasn’t going to be on his plan. After explaining this to J-Hope, Jin quickly grabbed his cute BT21 cushion and snuggled back into bed with his fluffy duvet despite protestations that he was being “weak.”

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J-Hope eventually went for his run alone, and he definitely didn’t seem to waste the opportunity even if he was alone. However, later, Jin revealed another reason that he chose not to go on the run while eating with Suga.

During their time together, Jin pointed out that he couldn’t actually believe that J-Hope had woken him up at 7AM for a run.

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Suga then asked if he had gone with him on a walk, but Jin explained that would’ve been fine, but J-Hope wanted to go on a jog instead. Jin was worried that if he went on a jog, he might have got hurt!

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Luckily for Jin, J-Hope still had a great time, and there are definitely a lot of people who would’ve had the same reaction. Going for a morning walk is sometimes a great idea, but running can bring danger and more effort than it is worth so early in the morning! Of course, they spent much more time together throughout the series. Hopefully, nobody was too disappointed.

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