Here’s The Real Story Behind BTS Jin’s Iconic Outfit From “In The SOOP”

It is too detailed to be anything but the truth! 😂

During the recent series of BTS’s show In The SOOP, the members have been having some fun and letting their hair down after a very intense and busy few months.

One person in particular who has been enjoying the time off was the eldest member, Jin! Throughout the episodes, he has taken time to let off some steam and just do nothing.

BTS’s Jin | @INTHESOOP_TV/Twitter

Although it was the last episode of the series, all members made sure to make the most of their last day of relaxation. In particular, Jin and RM took some time away from the others to catch up over some food!

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The two members started reminiscing about what the time away had meant to them, and Jin immediately said, “It felt like I was on vacation.” RM began to laugh and added that Jin’s choice of outfit screamed “vacation.”

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However, as the fashionista everyone knows Jin to be, a lot of preparation went into his outfit choice. He explained that the outfit had been planned for over three months just for the show! Even though RM joked about it, even he had to admit that it suited Jin to a tee with the bright colors and unique concept.

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Luckily, Jin was ready with the whole back story for fans who might want to know where this iconic outfit came from.

I went to the store, and I told the worker I don’t like flashy outfits and asked for something rather plain. And the worker said, ‘Jin, you chose seven items, and you chose six flashy items.’

— Jin

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After this, Jin explained that there was only one plain shirt that he had, and it was what he wore when they were playing foot volleyball. Luckily, this outfit was definitely more Jin’s style, and even RM joked that he wanted to buy the same but that it had more pool party vibes.

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Many thought they were talking about the iconic white suit worn for the show. Fans will remember that everyone believed his outfit was worn as a punishment, but it was actually Jin’s own choice! It also showcased that he is definitely a fashion icon! Maybe fans will get to see this iconic look again, especially with speak of a future comeback.

It isn’t the first time that Jin has worn the bright and colorful shirt, and it definitely lives up to its legendary status with an eye-watering $935 USD price tag.

As always, Jin is cementing himself as a true legend with his fashion choices. Although many are unsure whether the story is true or not, it definitely sounds like something that would happen to him on a shopping trip!

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