BTS’s J-Hope Reveals Their New Goals, Including Winning A GRAMMY Next Year

Plus one goal that has never changed since the start!

Without a doubt, BTS is one of the biggest celebrities around the world, and it isn’t for no reason! They continue to be recognized by prominent award shows locally and internationally, so it’s exciting to see how much further they can rise.

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With that in mind, E NOW‘s Sakshma Srivastav asked J-Hope what their next goal is after having achieved the level of success that they have now.

J-Hope explained that although their past dreams did play a significant role in their success, at the end of the day, the biggest factor was that they were doing what they enjoy.

We reached where we are now with all the dreams that we had. But I think at the core, we were just doing our thing, enjoying what we do, and everything aligned like destiny.

— J-Hope

Continuing with that mindset, J-Hope revealed that their next goal is simply to work hard and do their best. They also hope to win their first GRAMMY Award next year.

So from here, rather than setting a specific goal, if we keep our work and do our best, I’m sure good things will follow. And also, the GRAMMYs next year is one of our goals, too.

— J-Hope

Ultimately, however, J-Hope’s goal is to bring inspiration to others through their music and performances. “We want to keep inspiring people with our music and performances.

Learn more about BTS’s goals and aspirations in the full interview below!

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