BTS’s J-Hope Went By A Different Name At “Lollapalooza” And His New Persona Was Truly Uncensored

There must be something in the American water!

When you think of BTS‘s J-Hope, he isn’t seen as the “Happy Virus” for no reason. Since debuting, he has always been the smiling force behind the group and ready to make everyone feel happy, even if the group is having a tough schedule.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram
| @uarmyhope/Instagram

After working so hard and being a driving force in BTS, it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement when it was announced that J-Hope was going to be the first Korean act to headline the US festival Lollapalooza.

As expected, the idol shined on the stage and put on an amazing 70-minute set in front of a sold-out crowd.

BTS J-Hope at “Lollapalooza” | Hulu
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Yet, it seems like ARMYs might not have been watching J-Hope but someone completely different… After literally stealing the show from the minute he jumped onto the stage, it was time for J-Hope to introduce himself to the sea of ARMYs in front of him, but with a different name, which was Jay.

What’s up Chicago! I’m J-Hope from BTS, but you can call me Jay.

— J-Hope

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Yet, it seems as if it wasn’t just a name change that came along. Korea is seen as quite a conservative and polite society, and it isn’t common to hear idols cursing. ARMYs probably couldn’t imagine the sweet “Happy Virus” J-Hope cursing… but Jay is someone very different.

As soon as he’d introduced himself, he went on to praise the fans, and literally, the next line was, “You guys are f**king crazy.” It sent the crowd into meltdown.

You guys are f**king crazy. Okay, first, I want to thank my fans, ARMY, for coming tonight. A lot of you may be seeing me for the first time today, so how are you doing?

— J-Hope

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Throughout the show, J-Hope seriously went unfiltered. Although the subtitles didn’t reflect it, his cursing continued. Rather than seem unnecessary, it showcased the raw side of J-Hope that comes out in his music, compared to the happy and joyful Hobi.

In a clip that has been viewed over 100,000 times, a user put together some clips of J-Hope cursing. Whether he was saying, “Make some motherf**king noise,” or “Play that s**t,” it was definitely a new side to him!

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| Hulu
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When the clip was shared, ARMYs couldn’t get over J-Hope’s cursing, with many adding just how hot it was and sharing their favorite clips from the performance. Yet, it never took away from his on-stage presence.

Yet, it isn’t the first time BTS has gone unfiltered while in America. During their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows last November, the members went viral for their language.

Jungkook wanted to get the audience involved even more and shouted, “Say hell yeah!” Although many don’t see it as a true curse word, it isn’t something that many idols say, and it definitely made Jungkook seem even hotter if that was even possible.

V spoke about how he was injured during their previous online concert and how being on stage made him happy even though he couldn’t perform at 3000%.

However, it was what he said before that had fans worldwide screaming. He started the speech by saying, “Sorry ARMY, sorry BTS… holy sh*t.” As those words left his mouth, it was met with screams from the crowd.

It seems like there’s something about the American water that brings a new side of the BTS members out. As the first Korean artist to headline the festival, J-Hope did ARMYs proud and shined on a global stage.

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