BTS Jimin’s Reactions To J-Hope’s “Lollapalooza” Performance Proves He’s The Biggest ARMY

Nobody is a bigger ARMY than BTS!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently made history after becoming the first Korean artist to headline the famous American festival Lollapalooza. The idol played to a crowd estimated to be 100,000, performing some of his biggest hits.

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It was impossible not to notice the beautiful sea of ARMY Bombs with fans worldwide coming to watch J-Hope have his first solo concert.

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Yet, there was one person watching in the crowd that was probably the biggest ARMY possible, and it was none other than fellow BTS member Jimin.

Earlier in the week, ARMYs couldn’t stop praising Jimin after they realized he kept a promise to J-Hope by flying to America to support J-Hope on one of the biggest moments of his career.

BTS Jimin leaving for America to watch J-Hope

During the first few days, they enjoyed some time together and even showcased their true “senior” status by supporting their junior artists TXT who performed on Saturday.

As expected, Jimin was watching J-Hope from a special spot above the stage the entire performance. ARMYs managed to catch one of BTS’s youngest members dancing along to his hyungs set and giving him the biggest cheer possible when the songs had finished.

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In particular, there was one moment when J-Hope was performing his track “EGO,” which, of course, is a tune…

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Jimin was seen dancing and jumping along like he didn’t have any cares in the world. Although he might perform with J-Hope all time as BTS, Jimin was there as a fan and showcased his love throughout the set.

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After J-Hope finished his set, Jimin continued to be J-Hope’s biggest fan. As he was leaving the venue, he made sure to greet ARMYs who had just finished watching the show.

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As he walked down the stairs, he made a signal with his hands which basically saw Jimin explaining that J-Hope “killed it” before continuing to wave at fans. It wasn’t surprising to see just how proud Jimin was.

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He then continued the praise when J-Hope surprised ARMYs with a special live broadcast after the show, and Jimin made a special appearance that made both J-Hope and ARMYs smile.

During the broadcast, Jimin joked that J-Hope was cooler during his Lollapalooza performance compared to when he is with BTS.


J-Hope then explained that Jimin wouldn’t stop complimenting him on the way back to the hotel. Yet, Jimin defended himself by saying it wasn’t just complimenting but the truth and that he watched his member as a fan, not as part of BTS.

Jimin later shared that he thought J-Hope would be lonely performing by himself because they had always done huge performances and shows together.


It seems like Jimin wanted to be there for J-Hope, so he wasn’t alone during such a huge moment.

As expected, nobody is a bigger fan of BTS than the members themselves. Although ARMYs worldwide were supporting J-Hope at the festival, it would’ve meant a lot to have Jimin there personally to cheer for him on behalf of the rest of the group.

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