BTS J-Hope’s Older Sister Slaps Back At Haters On Her Instagram

She sets the haters straight.

BTS J-Hope’s older sister is also well-known as an online clothing store CEO, and it seems like this time haters are after her newly opened YouTube channel.

| @mejiwoo103/Instagram

Recently, Jung Jiwoo held a Q&A session with her followers through Instagram and answered questions regarding her YouTube fame as a result of being J-Hope’s sister.

These questions arose because she has gained over 1 million subscribers with just two videos.

The first question she received asked, “Isn’t your YouTube success all because of your brother.”

To this, she answered, “Words by Haemin Sunim. You can think whatever you want just don’t tell me about it.” She also posted a photo with a quote by Haemin Sunim along with her message.

Learn how to moderately ignore the words said about you. You will become unhappy if you care about everything. If you want to be happy, do you want to do in the time that you would be worrying about what others think about you.

⁠— Haemin Sunim

| @mejiwoo103/Instagram

She also posted a longer post to clear up any more confusion.

I’m usually the type to keep my mouth closed and focus on my work just like Haemin Sunim’s words but it seems like there are too many people who are misunderstanding so…From the way people are talking, it makes it sound like I have a building of my own or something. I’ve had my online clothing site for four years now and I still have a lot of dilemmas. I make only as much as I work and my company is not some big brand “yet.” The weight on my shoulders are heavy because I still have a long way to go. The reason my growth process is slow is because I am stubborn and am afraid so I am investing little by little and slowly moving up. I have a small staff but I believe that we are strong.

— Jung Jiwoo

She reiterated that her main purpose for the channel was to promote her brand.

My YouTube channel that I recently started was just something small but it never could due to the predicted issues. Nothing drastic happens to my life because I started a YouTube channel. Even in terms of money…My YouTube channel is to promote and grow my clothing brand and not so much for the money. This space is only for my brand. Some of the Mejiwoo and Funthemental products that are seen in my videos can be thought of as advertisements. It sounds silly but it’s true.

— Jung Jiwoo

She reveals that it is her customers that allow her to push through and stay confident about her brand. She also asks that people stop sending her news regarding the hate because she is not curious about it at all.

I wanted to show you my products in more detail through these videos. That is all. Please do not hate on my customers that buy my products. That makes me angry. Everyone is entitled to their own style and no one has the right to hate on that. Spending a few dollars is now easy! They all have their reasons to buy my products. It is these customers that make me proud of my brand. Although I am sad about these news articles regarding this, I just think that this is what I have to endure. But please don’t send my news regarding this. I am not curious about it and don’t want to see it either.

— Jung Jiwoo

| @mejiwoo103/Instagram

Others wanted her to accept the “facts” about her YouTube income. “I’m sure your YouTube income is quite a lot…why don’t you just accept the facts…”

Jiwoo quickly responded back with, “Hello~ Is there some type of income that I don’t know about? I don’t even have advertisements placed in my videos so I don’t know where the money you’re talking about is coming from. I wonder what the ‘facts’ are. I think that I, the owner of the channel, would know best.”

| @mejiwoo103/Instagram

It seems like Jiwoo understands that this kind of hate will come from being a popular celebrity’s sibling, but she feels that these types of comments are crossing the limits. Fans are continuing to support her and her brand and hope that she will stay strong among the haters.

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