BTS’s J-Hope Addresses Jay Park’s “Shoutout” To The Group In “ON AIR”

“Personally, I see you as…”

BTS‘s J-Hope gave his honest opinion regarding solo artist Jay Park‘s “shoutout” to the group.

Jay Park


When Lil Boi, LOCO, GRAY, and Jay Park (SMTM 4) first performed the song “ON AIR” in 2020, a specific line garnered mixed reactions. In the song, Jay Park gives a shoutout to some of the most influential Korean celebrities, including K-Pop group BTS, Oscar-winning director Bong Joon Ho, and soccer star Son Heung Min along with himself.

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Who represents us properly

That part

Let me tell you

BTS, Bong Joon Ho, Son Heung Min, Jay Park let’s go

— Jay Park, “ON AIR”

Many felt it was inappropriate for Jay Park to “put himself up on a pedestal” with Korean trailblazers.

Interestingly, the line became a meme. Even BTS’s RM and TXT have referenced it…

Over two years later, Jay Park’s “ON AIR” line is still a hot topic. Recently, when he guested PSICK SHOW, he explained it.


Jay Park himself explains his BTS, Bong Joon Ho, Son Heung Min, Jay Park lyrics.

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Now, Jay Park has spoken about the controversial line with a BTS member: J-Hope.

J-Hope guested on KBS 2TV show The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive with host Jay Park. J-Hope performed “Arson,” “Chicken Noodle Soup,” and “MORE” and danced to “Dynamite (Tropical Remix),” “Butter (Holiday Remix),” and Jay Park’s “Blue Check.”

J-Hope also sat down with Jay Park for a little bit. During this time, Jay Park mentioned how they were both at The 37th Golden Disc Awards

J-Hope watching Jay Park’s performance

Jay Park performed a medley of his hit songs at the award show. During “ON AIR,” he cuts himself off after Son Heung Min.

So, during The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive, Jay asked J-Hope how he felt about the line mentioning BTS in “ON AIR” when he performed at The 37th Golden Disc Awards. 

We met at the Golden Disc Awards, and you watched my performance. ‘BTS, Bong Joon Ho, Son Heung Min, Jay Park, let’s go!’ How did you feel when I said that?

— Jay Park

J-Hope initially laughed, flustered. But he gave a wholesome response, saying it warmed his heart to hear BTS mentioned.

Since you were giving me a shoutout, my heart felt warm.

— J-Hope

J-Hope further explained how he viewed it as complimentary. He was excited to hear the shoutout.

Personally, I see you as somebody who keeps trying and putting in effort, and I think you’re somebody who made it possible for me to be in this position. So, I respect the path you’ve paved. And since you shouted me out, I was like, ‘YEEESSSS! Korean, yes!’ Yeah, that’s how I felt.

— J-Hope

Watch the clip below.


J-Hope on Jay Park’s international line lyrics.

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