The One Way BTS J-Hope’s Personality Has Changed, According To His Former Dance School Classmate

Y.JIN noticed one unexpected difference in pre-debut J-Hope’s personality.

Dance trainer and Fast Dance director Y.JIN recently sat down with Korea Now host Bella Kim to discuss the global popularity of K-Pop dance challenges, how NewJeans helped Y.JIN when she received hate comments on her dance tutorial videos, and her time as a dance student with BTS‘s J-Hope.

YJIN | @lifetime_yjin/Instagram

Before becoming a dance trainer, Y.JIN was a dance student herself, attending classes taught by dance director Lee Byung Eun, also known as Bangster, who was J-Hope’s pre-debut dance trainer when he was part of the Gwangju-based dance crew Neuron.

Following J-Hope’s debut, Bangster has worked as a performance director with the BTS members for years.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Bangster (right) | @bangster277/Instagram

Y.JIN revealed that she’s danced with J-Hope since she was an elementary school student, and they both performed together in Neuron.

Y.JIN shared that much about the BTS member has stayed the same since he was younger, from his handsome visuals and gentlemanly manners to his natural and impressive dancing abilities.

Contrary to his animated and extraverted personality today, Y.JIN revealed that J-Hope was “very quiet” when they used to dance together with Neuron.

When Bella Kim pointed out that he’s known as an energetic member of BTS with a larger-than-life personality, Y.JIN again stated that he was very reserved when they danced together, but jokingly noted that he may have just been going through puberty.

According to Y.JIN, J-Hope was focused and did what he had to do, arriving to class on time and staying after practice to work on what he learned, which is the same dedication ARMYs know today.

As a 6th grader, J-Hope would consistently stay behind after the rest of the class left, proving he was destined for success.

Y.JIN concluded that she views J-Hope as the best dancer and singer in Korea after witnessing his talent and dedication firsthand.

Check out Y.JIN’s full interview in the video below!

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