A Vacation Is Overdue, So BTS’s J-Hope Has Begun Planning For “Bon Voyage” Season 5

He still has a gift from RM from years ago!

BTS‘s travel reality show Bon Voyage is one of ARMY’s most beloved series. Since 2016, BTS has gone on an annual trip abroad, and each one is as iconic as the next.

BTS members during “Bon Voyage 3.” | BTS/VLIVE

The first season of BTS Bon Voyage aired on July 5, 2016. The members celebrated their third anniversary by traveling in Norway, Sweden, and Finland for over 10 days.

From left: J-Hope, Jimin, RM, Suga, Jin, and Jungkook. | BTS/VLIVE

BTS Bon Voyage 2 was released on June 27, 2017. This fan-favorite season took the group to Hawaii for 9+ days.


BTS Bon Voyage 3 aired on September 18, 2018. This time, the group went to Malta, Europe.


Lastly, BTS Bon Voyage 4 came out on November 19, 2019. Rather than a typical tropical vacation, the group explored New Zealand.


For the past couple of years, BTS have been unable to travel for the fifth season of Bon Voyage due to COVID-19. So, now a trip is overdue!


Currently, all seven members are enjoying their extended break. Each member is spending their free time uniquely. On the other hand, V and J-Hope chose to start their vacation together.

The two revisited Hawaii together with family. While they battled against storms, they enjoyed being back.

J-Hope’s repost of V’s Instagram Story. | @uarmyhope/ Instagram

V: This was fun, remember? We were dead serious about it, too. Right? Riiight?

J-Hope: I never thought that getting slapped by the rain could hurt that much.

The trip must have inspired J-Hope. Since returning, he is already planning his next, and it’s for a new season of Bon Voyage.

Upon returning, he organized his closet while in quarantine. While going through his collection of bags, he found something special.

J-Hope then shared a photo of a small straw bag with a red flower that is perfectly Hobi‘s style. So, he’s hoping that he can bring it with him the next time BTS film a season of Bon Voyage.

| Weverse

I’ll be sure to use this bag whenever I get the chance to go back on Bon Voyage

— J-Hope

If this cute little bag looks familiar, that’s because we’ve seen it before! It’s not a new souvenir picked up on his Hawaii vacation.

| Weverse

We actually first saw J-Hope with it three years ago! He got it in BTS Bon Voyage 3.

J-Hope in Malta. | BTS/VLIVE

RM picked out the bag with J-Hope in mind and gifted it to him during their time in Malta! He’s so thoughtful.

Clearly, J-Hope was touched by the kind gesture, too, as he not only has it three years later but continues to use it. RM and ARMY know J-Hope does love his acorn bags!

J-Hope even brought the straw bag with him in the last season of Bon Voyage! We hope that he gets his wish, and a new season will give him reason to use it again.

Check out the rest of J-Hope’s closet below:

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Source: Wiki and @uarmyhope