BTS’s J-Hope Returns To Weverse With An Exciting Life Update

Jin’s “ultimatum” came through🤣.

BTS’s J-Hope returned to Weverse on October 6 (KST), leaving a sweet message for ARMYs.

BTS’s J-Hope | Weverse

Though he is in the middle of his mandatory military service, the rapper has kept in touch with fans through Weverse as frequently as possible. In his new post, he addressed fans first and, in the true tradition of small talk, brought up the chilly weather in Korea right now.

ARMYs, are you doing well? 🫡💜
It has gotten really cold!~
Maybe it’s because of the cold air, I can feel the time passing by in these moments.
It’s exciting, while it’s also making my shoulders heavier and more reverent.

— J-Hope

He moved on to update fans about his current job in the military, assuring them that he is adjusting well despite the burden of responsibility. J-Hope’s current role in the army is reportedly that of an assistant instructor, which means he guides new recruits and helps train them. This designation is highly respectable, reportedly given only to the model soldiers who serve as a standard for others to look up to while fulfilling their duties. Jin was also given this role after his mandatory training.

I’m working hard and adjusting quicker than expected…but the pressure with each group division is huge since I’m responsible for guiding and helping the youth of South Korea with their first steps in the military.

Still, this meaningful work makes me as proud as BTS’s activities.😭😭

— J-Hope

He then shared some exciting news, saying that he has successfully become a “Special Class (Elite) Warrior,” a highly revered title given to soldiers for their extraordinary physical fitness and mental resilience. Jin had also earned the title a few months into his service, and it looks like his “ultimatum” to J-Hope came through.

Ah…! And I have also gotten the “Special Class Warrior” title🫡
It’s true that if you do your best in every situation, good results follow🫢😭

— J-Hope

He again reassured ARMYs that he is doing well and wished them good health.

Always be healthy and don’t get sick~
Watch out for the cold, our ARMY.

— J-Hope

But the star of the letter was his closing line — a quote from wrestler John Cena.

‘I’m ARMY’ – John Cena

— J-Hope

J-Hope referenced the iconic video John Cena posted on social media a few years ago, declaring his love for BTS. He wanted to say “I’m ARMY (BTS’s fandom name)” in Korean but said the literal translation instead, which implied the military army. Since John Cena has also named J-Hope as his favorite member of the group, fans joked that he might be over the moon with the rapper’s post.