BTS’s J-Hope Continues To Support Female Education With His “J-Hope Scholarship”

We love a charitable king!

BTS‘s J-Hope is making the world a better and brighter place one donation at a time!


In 2019, J-Hope donated ₩100 million won (approximately $84,000 USD) in scholarship money to Choontae Academy through the Gwangju Regional Headquarters of ChildFund Korea.

2019 recipients of the “J-Hope Scholarship.” | Naver

The donations were then passed on to students at Jeonnam Girls’ Commerical High School, ten of whom would receive ₩500,000 won (approximately $420 USD) each year. The first batch of scholarships were awarded in June of 2020.

2020 recipients of the “J-Hope Scholarship.”

The scholarship, which rewards high grades and good behavior, was awarded to ten more students at Jeonnam Girls’ Commercial High School on May 18. In total, forty students have now received the “J-Hope Scholarship.” The final ten scholarships will be awarded in 2023, completing the five-year arrangement.

2022 recipients of the “J-Hope Scholarship.” | Naver

In addition to funding education, J-Hope has also supported a number of other good causes including cancer awareness and anti-violence campaigns.

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Source: Naver