BTS’s J-Hope Turns Heads With His Sheer Airport Fashion For A Flight To Chicago

Fans are loving it!

BTS‘s J-Hope was greeted by an adoring swarm of fans at the airport today as he headed to Chicago for Lollapalooza, an annual four-day music festival.

BTS’s J-Hope

He was his usual friendly and cheerful self, waving to everyone with a huge grin on his face. Aside from his warm greetings, fans took notice of his sleek outfit—which just so happened to be slightly sheer!

Minus his blue denim bag, he wore all-black from top to bottom, his see-through cardigan highlighting his toned arms.

Inside, he put on a black tank top and paired it with shorts. His chunky shoes were a perfect match!

J-Hope’s sleek clothes instantly caught fans’ attentions with many saying he “slayed in it” and looked “so, so good.”

They absolutely loved his all-black outfit and even noticed that he was twinning with his bodyguard.

Eagle-eyed fans also pointed out that he painted his nails black, completing his monochromatic look. They admired how he is casually breaking stereotypes!

J-Hope’s airport fashion today was indisputably a big hit, but this isn’t the first time he turned heads with his impressive outfits. Check out over 10 other instances here:

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