BTS’s J-Hope Shocks Netizens With An Unexpected And Dramatic Transformation For His “All New Hope” Photofolio

BTS’s reaction now makes sense…

Since debuting, BTS‘s J-Hope has gained attention for being perfect in every way. Whether it’s his talent, charisma, or visuals, J-Hope is always one of the most loved idols in the industry.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Yet, recently, J-Hope shocked netizens with his transformation for an upcoming project.

BTS has been individually releasing their own photofolios, and J-Hope’s was the most recent to be teased. Unsurprisingly, the teaser for the project gained attention from fans.



Yet, even the video did not prepare ARMYs for what to expect from the project. On February 1, BIGHIT MUSIC shared some photo teasers from the project, and unsurprisingly, J-Hope looked absolutely flawless in the images.

Yet, there was one photo that rightly sent the internet into all kinds of emotions. In the very first picture, J-Hope looked like a Greek God as he showcased his visuals… and long hair!

Although J-Hope has had his hair fairly long, it has never been seen on this scale.

When the photos were shared on social media, the one that saw J-Hope with long hair truly sent the internet into meltdown.

Phrases like “LONG HAIR” and “HIS HAIR” were trending worldwide on social media, with fans sharing just how much impact the photo had.

In particular, a past video from the members now makes sense.

Back in November 2022, BTS posted a video of the members reacting to the images and concepts of the already-released photofolios. At the end of the video, while teasing the next set of projects, the members had the most iconic reaction to something they were watching…


Later in the day, J-Hope posted some more clips of his transformation with long hair…

And many ARMYs now think it was seeing J-Hope’s pictures because his long hair was definitely shock-worthy and worth the reactions by both the members and fans.

If this is what J-Hope can do with just images, it’s scary to think of the impact his full photofolio will have when released alongside teaser clips.

Source: @bts_bighit/Twitter