BTS’s J-Hope Dropped A Spoiler On Jungkook’s Birthday Broadcast, And ARMYs Are Trying To Connect The Clues

Something is definitely “cooking!”

Although it hasn’t been long since BTS dropped their last track, “Permission to Dance,” ARMYs are always eagerly waiting for the group to make a comeback. During this time, ARMYs also love analyzing the member’s activities to see if it could drop any hints about future releases.

BTS members | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

It seems as if recently, ARMYs think BTS has been dropping spoilers both directly and indirectly. To celebrate his birthday, Jungkook hosted a special live broadcast for fans. For many, one of the cutest parts was when fellow member J-Hope arrived, singing “Happy Birthday” and treating the maknae to cake!

Yet, more importantly, fans noticed that J-Hope treated ARMYs. As J-Hope made his way out of the room, he started dancing, and Jungkook exclaimed, “You can’t spoil it here! You’re gonna spoil it here? You can’t!


After seeing the dance, fans were rightly excited online and started speculating about what J-Hope could’ve been hinting at. As expected, many then started trying to see if they could find any more hints or links to give any more information.

In particular, some thought that it linked to Jungkook’s birthday hashtag and tweets to celebrate his special day. In a tweet, Jungkook asked ARMYs to share photos of food with #JKHBD_COOKING, and he even shared his own.

Combining that with J-Hope’s choreography, many thought that it might relate to cooking, including a possible cooking show, song, or something else.

Yet, J-Hope isn’t the only member who shared some information with ARMY.

During his live broadcast, Jimin also shared a bit of what the group was doing and their activities. Fans asked Jimin what they had been up to recently, and ARMYs became suspicious when he hesitated on sharing with them. Even at first, he said that he wouldn’t say anything at all!

I won’t tell you because… Well…

— Jimin


He then added that because there were no concerts, the members had been filming some stuff for fans that will be released soon. Yet, many are unsure whether it could link to J-Hope’s spoiler as he explained that it wouldn’t be released for a while yet.

Spoilers? The things we are working on now won’t be released soon. At least it will take about 2, 3, and 4 months before the release.

— Jimin


With so many possible spoilers, it is no surprise that ARMYs are getting very excited. Yet, who knows when a comeback might happen. In the meantime, the members are treating fans to a whole lot of content from selfies, broadcasts, and unique videos.

Source: VLIVE