BTS’s J-Hope Spoils His Future Schedules After Military Discharge

He shared it in details on “Suchwita.”

On July 18, BTS member J-Hope appeared as a guest on Suga’s YouTube show Suchwita and revealed some exciting news about his future activities.

(Left) BTS’s Suga and (right) J-Hope | @BTS/YouTube

As Suga has mentioned before, he started Suchwita to give his members a platform to promote their works as they venture into solo music careers. J-Hope’s episode was filmed months earlier, on February 17, to be exact. But it was released later to coincide with the first anniversary of his solo album Jack In The Box.

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To celebrate the occasion, J-Hope had prepared ahead to release physical versions of the album. So, even though he is currently serving in the military, this episode technically had this new version of the album to promote. However, like the sly host that Suga is, he managed to extract some exclusive updates about J-Hope’s upcoming schedules as well!

Emphasizing how meticulous J-Hope is about his planning, Suga mentioned that he already has a six-month plan post his discharge from mandatory military duty. Since the host insisted, J-Hope ended up spoiling a significant bit of his future projects that were already in the works before he even enlisted!

It’s not that grand,” J-Hope clarified and said the major project he recently worked on was shooting new content for Jack In The Box physical albums. Suga then nudged him more, saying, “I heard you’re also into editing these days.” In response, J-Hope discussed his collaboration with J. Cole for the “Hope On The Street” single. But it turns out the single is not an isolated release. He has also shot a documentary by the same name, which will be released in 2024!

Talking about the documentary’s content, J-Hope revealed that it will be based on his life and his journey as a dancer. It will feature multiple talented dancers from all around the world that he personally met and filmed with.

On the one hand, the BTS member wishes to push the Street Dancing scene into the limelight with this documentary, and on the other, he hopes that it will be a treat for fans who were “bummed out” because they didn’t get to see him dance a lot during his solo promotions.

J-Hope also took special care in curating the documentary and got involved with the editing hands-on.

In April, J-Hope surprised fans with an original choreography to Suga’s then-newly-released song “People Pt 2.” It turns out that was a part of his Hope On The Street content. The “More” singer additionally revealed that he has also made a choreography to RM’s song “Still Life” for the documentary.

Hope On The Street will also have an OST album, which will include six songs. “It’s just really light music this time. Song you can dance to,” J-Hope added.

Hearing about his groupmate’s extensive plans, Suga couldn’t help but say, “These guys are crazy about music.”

Meanwhile, J-Hope started his mandatory military service on April 18 and is expected to complete it by October 2024. It might be a long time before fans get to see what he has prepared so carefully with Hope In The Box, but the BTS members tend to make the wait worth it.