BTS’s J-Hope Ends Up Swearing On Weverse, Thanks To Jimin’s “Set Me Free”

The Jimin effect is in the works.

It’s been only a few hours since BTS member Jimin dropped his single “Set Me Free” from his upcoming album Face, but the impact it has already created worldwide could probably be caught with a Richter scale.

The “Set Me Free” music video has taken the internet by storm. From Jimin’s haunting vocals to the captivating dance moves to the multiple symbolism etched in every frame of the video, fans can’t decide which part to fawn over first.

But as it turns out, it’s not just ARMYs who are left gobsmacked by the grand debut of soloist Jimin. His fellow BTS member J-Hope also could hardly keep calm after witnessing “Set Me Free.”

Jimin and J-Hope | Harper’s Bazaar

J-Hope is acknowledged as the #1 BTS supporter on social media, given how fast he shows support for everything his members do online. It has become a known fact that any time an official BTS-related post goes up on social media, he will be in the comments within minutes.

When Jimin left a message on Weverse after the release of “Set Me Free,” J-Hope was the first member to respond, but only after about one and a half hours. Fans joked that it was because it took him that long to process and recover from the music video’s effects, just like ARMYs.

I hope you guys enjoy it a lot.


That theory might not be too far-fetched, given the response J-Hope posted under Jimin’s message. His first comment said, “Really insane…(you) tore it apart.” But a minute later, he posted his second comment, “Jonna cool.”

“Jonna” is a Korean slang and is considered one of the softer curse words. It implies “f*cking” as an intensifying adverb. So, “Jonna cool” basically means “F*cking cool.”  J-Hope probably romanized the word to soften the blow, but nevertheless, it’s gotten the fans worked up in a good, finding-him-extremely-relatable way.

Seeing BTS members curse in real-life is a rare event, but when the insinuator is something as crazy as Jimin’s “Set Me Free,” it’s totally understandable.