BTS’s J-Hope Got A Bit Tipsy On Weverse, And Offered ARMYs A True “Fan Service”

He did have his limits to what he would provide!

It almost seemed impossible to interact with your favorite idols in the past except if you were lucky enough to meet them in person. The creation of platforms like Weverse and Universe has changed as idols and fans can interact!

One of the most popular artists on Weverse has to be BTS, and ARMYs love speaking to the members and being updated with what they’re doing.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Recently, J-Hope gained attention from fans after he went onto Weverse and had some fun with ARMYs!

BTS’s J-Hope

On January 8, J-Hope asked ARMYs for some help choosing the kind of pictures he should post on his Instagram. Yet, it quickly became a challenge for ARMYs to keep up with everything that J-Hope was posting and all the questions he was answering.

Things started to make more sense when one ARMY asked, “Hobi oppa, are you drinking alone?” J-Hope then replied, “Correct!!! Ah, why isn’t this recording going well?” Fans thought it was adorable that while he was alone, he wanted to speak to ARMYs.

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ARMYs then realized that while J-Hope was active on Weverse, it was time to send him some requests if he was bored. In particular, one message stood out to both fans and J-Hope, and it was a user asking the idol for an image of a certain body part!

In the post, the fan asked J-Hope, “Hobi oppa, I wanna see a pic of your hand.

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Although it seemed like an odd request, ARMYs couldn’t contain their laughter when a few moments later, J-Hope actually posted pictures of his hands for the world to see and added the caption “hand.”

| Weverse

After J-Hope posted the picture, the fan seemed to inspire other ARMYs. Suddenly, Weverse was full of fans asking J-Hope to post pictures of various body parts… but it seemed as if the latest requests were a bit too much.

One ARMY asked for a picture of J-Hope’s eyebrows, with his reply being, “Noo, I’m too red…

| Weverse

Another wanted a picture of J-Hope’s feet, but his answer was similar as he explained, “Noo… My feet are also red right now.

| Weverse

Those might have been odd, but one fan asked the question on everyone’s mind, and it was whether J-Hope could post a selfie. Unfortunately, J-Hope must’ve been having a good time as he explained, “I can’t… (my face) is too red.”

| Weverse

J-Hope talking about going red is referring to the fact that when some people drink, their faces go red because of the alcohol! Yet, it didn’t seem as J-Hope was too drunk as he explained that he’d only had two glasses so that he could go to sleep.

After the posts were shared online, fans found J-Hope’s interactions extremely adorable and couldn’t get over how cute his responses were.

Yet, it isn’t the first time J-Hope has posted images while slightly tipsy.

During an episode of Run BTS!, J-Hope explained that he once posted a selfie for ARMYs back in 2019 while they were in Japan and after he’d had a couple of drinks.


There is no denying that J-Hope is cute at whatever he does, and these replies were no exception. It also proves that J-Hope will do everything he can for fans and provide a true “Fan Service” if he can!

You can read more about J-Hope posting for ARMYs when he’s tipsy below.

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