BTS’s J-Hope Reveals He Once Posted A Drunk Selfie Flirting With ARMY

“I had a couple of drinks.” 😂

On episode 133 of Run BTS!, J-Hope revealed he once posted a tipsy selfie for ARMY.

Not the selfie in question. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

It all started when the boys had to guess the member that each pair of lips belonged to.

| Weverse

They were stumped on the pouted lips in the third photo…

…and almost couldn’t believe it was one of their own members!

In the end, it ended up being J-Hope‘s lips!

At first, he didn’t recognize his own lips and didn’t even remember uploading the selfie to Weverse.


However, the reason for this flirty selfie quickly came back to him!

I remember that. That was on the Japan tour when I had a couple of drinks.

— J-Hope

I think I captioned it, ‘ARMY, mwah!’

— J-Hope

The boys revealed they try to stay off of social media when drinking, but J-Hope’s love was just too strong that day.

The original photo was posted back in September of 2019.

Good night💜

— J-Hope’s caption

| Weverse

ARMY will accept J-Hope’s flirty selfies anytime, anywhere!

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