BTS’s J-Hope And V Give Helpful Advice To ARMYs Filming “Permission To Dance” Challenge Videos

You’ll definitely rock the “Permission to Dance” challenge if you follow their advice!

Want to take on BTS‘s “Permission to Dance” challenge? J-Hope and V have some advice for you!

J-Hope (left) and V (right) | BTS/Weverse

BTS partnered with YouTube Shorts to create the “Permission to Dance” challenge, which encourages fans to put their own spin on the song’s choreography.

V, Jimin, and Suga participating in the “Permission to Dance” challenge | YouTube/YouTube

During an interview with Buzzfeed News, V revealed that seeing ARMY create their own art based on BTS’s work—whether it’s vocal covers, dance covers, or visual art—makes the members “feel great.” 

| LESS/Weverse Magazine

Of course, the thought of the BTS members seeing your “Permission to Dance” cover can be intimidating, but V and J-Hope shared advice for ARMYs who want to take on the challenge!

| @julyjjk_91/Twitter

J-Hope said that watching BTS’s videos multiple times “would probably be helpful,” but having fun is the most important thing. “I think it’s more important to enjoy yourself. Just move to the rhythm and melody free of any constraints!” he said.

| @myhobiyworld/Twitter

V highlighted the importance of facial expressions while dancing. “Facial expressions are also a very important way of communicating your feelings, so make sure to show that, too,” he said.

| @UNIVERSE1230/Twitter

Are you participating in the “Permission to Dance” challenge? If so, make sure to have fun and pay attention to your facial expressions like J-Hope and V suggest!


Source: Buzzfeed News