BTS’s Suga, J-Hope, And V Reveal How They Feel About The New HYBE Building

They shared their first impressions.

The HYBE era has officially begun! Big Hit Entertainment has a new name (Big Hit Music), and their artists have moved into a brand new building.

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Last month, HYBE employees and artists, including those under Big Hit Music, moved to Yongsan. The new HYBE office has 26 floors and over 60,000 square meters of space for over 1,000 employees and executives.

In a live broadcast, BTS‘s SugaJ-Hope, and shared their first impressions about HYBE’s headquarters. Suga began by saying, “The spaces are comfortable.” “Right. Incredible,” J-Hope added.

Suga (top left), V (center), and J-Hope (top right)

“We have resting areas of our own. It’s really comfortable,” Suga continued. “I see a lot of questions about the new building.” 

J-Hope and V are both fans of BTS’s new practice room.

J-Hope: I also liked the new practice room.

V: I’ve been to the practice room and I loved it.

— J-Hope and V, BTS Cafe Yongsan Branch OPEN! Tea Time With ARMY~

“We are using the biggest practice room exclusively,” Suga said, and he compared it to the size of a concert hall.

The spacious practice room is equipped with mood lighting that will allow BTS to make a variety of practice videos too.

Outside of their practice room, BTS has a waiting room that is bigger than the waiting rooms they are used to staying in at broadcast stations. That came as a pleasant surprise to Suga. “It has a really good system,” J-Hope said.

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