KTH1 Is Coming? BTS’s V Gives An Update About His Mixtape’s Release Date

Here is the latest on KTH1.

BTS fans know that V‘s mixtape is coming, but the question is when?


In BTS’s “BE-hind Story” interview, V revealed that his mixtape, nicknamed KTH1, has been postponed longer than he originally expected it to be.

The mixtape is confirmed to have 13 songs, making it the longest of all the BTS members’ solo mixtapes. Last year, V expressed his desire to release his mixtape soon, but it looks like fans may have to wait a while longer.

In a new live broadcast with J-Hope and Suga, a fan asked V about KTH1 in the comments; “Taehyung, when is your mixtape coming out?” In reply, V said, “I’m sorry, not within this year. Our schedule is more hectic than you think.”

V (left), Suga (center), and J-Hope (right) 

“Right. Basically, our schedule is three or four times [more] hectic than it seems,” Suga added. “There’s more on our schedule under the surface,” V said. “I’m working hard, ARMY.” 

Even though V has confirmed that KTH1 will not be a 2021 release, some fans aren’t giving up hope just yet. After all, when Suga told them that he wouldn’t be releasing his Agust D sequel mixtape, D-2, for a while, he ended up dropping it soon after!

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