Here’s Everything We Know About BTS V’s “KTH1” Mixtape

The number of songs, the release date, and more.

BTS‘s recently gave an update about his upcoming mixtape, which ARMYs have nicknamed KTH1 after V’s real name, Kim Taehyung. Here’s everything we know about KTH1 so far!

1. The number of tracks

In BTS’s “BE-hind Story” teaser, V revealed that his mixtape will have 13 songs. This makes V’s tracklist the longest out of all his members’ mixtapes. Suga‘s AGUST D and D-2 mixtapes both have 10 songs, RM‘s RM has 11 songs while mono has seven, and J-Hope‘s Hope World has seven songs as well.

2. It could have had 14 songs

During a live broadcast, V revealed that the BE track “Blue & Grey” was originally intended for his mixtape. When BTS were shooting In The Soop, the other members heard “Blue & Grey” and it would be great for BE.

The song was originally in English, but after hearing his members’ feedback, V started working on Korean lyrics for “Blue & Grey”.

BTS recently performed the song on MTV Unplugged.

V on MTV Unplugged | MTV/Youtube

3. The release date

When Genius interviewed BTS in December 2020, V expressed his desire to release his mixtape soon; “I wish my mixtape would come out soon.” Although V has been teasing his mixtape for some time, there’s a high possibility that he will finally release it in 2021.

His members want to hear it too!

4. The songs

V has shared several snippets from his mixtape. Last July, he tweeted, “Today is a day that I miss ARMY so so so so much. Although it’s not complete I thought I’d spoil a bit of the music I’m working on. Please wait a bit more as you listen to this snippet. #내일지울수도 (might delete tomorrow) #내마음이 (my heart) before my heart changes quickly..”

The original post was deleted, but fans reshared it online for others to hear. It combines soulful lyrics with hints of jazz and R&B.

During In the SOOP, V revealed another song while driving with Jimin and J-Hope. Jimin was so impressed with V’s “idyllic” music that he asked him to write a song for him.

5. Behind the scenes

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, V talked about the challenges he faced while writing his mixtape. He wrote “Blue & Grey” when he was at his “lowest point.”

I wrote “Blue & Grey” when I was at my lowest point, when I was actually asking whether I could keep going with my work or not. Those kinds of thoughts hit me hard.

— V

He also expressed his struggles with perfectionism. Since he wants the mixtape to be the best it can be, V has had a difficult time knowing when to let go.

The title track is the title track, but everyone also says to just leave it as it is, but I keep getting the urge to keep putting in more and more.

— V

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