BTS J-Hope’s Song Visualizer Apparently Featured The Transgender Symbol, Fans Feel Touched

When it comes to supporting LGBTQ+ communities, there is no ambiguity with BTS,

On July 21, the BANGTANTV YouTube channel posted the visualizer videos for all 10 of BTS J-Hope‘s new songs from his album Jack In The Box. Fans noticed a detail in the “Equal Sign” visualizer that made them praise the artist even more.

In the animated lyric video, you can see the transgender symbol featured clearly.

Though there is some debate around the exact significance of this symbol, most fans are interpreting this as a transgender/bigender/intersex representation. In the context of the song that talks about living in a world where everyone can exist as equals, this gesture was heartwarming for LGBTQ+ ARMYs.

Previously talking about “Equal Sign,” J-Hope mentioned that it is a song that reflects his personal beliefs. His bandmate RM also said that this song is the “Most Hobi-like song” (“Hobi” is a popular nickname of J-Hope) during his recent live broadcast with fans.

This is, however, not the first time BTS has touched the hearts of queer folks in the fandom. When BTS created BT21, they insisted on keeping the characters gender-neutral. Some queer fans also felt represented through the character of Mang.

Jimin also featured the transgender/bigender symbol as a temporary tattoo on his wrist for a photoshoot previously.

Even though public opinion on LGBTQ+ rights in South Korea is slowly progressing, it is still a very taboo subject. In fact, transgender people remain one of the most vulnerable marginalized groups worldwide.

Anti-LGBTQ+ protestors at Seoul Pride Parade in 2019 | The Economist

In a society like this, the undiluted support of BTS understandably means a lot to their trans, non-binary, and queer fans.

Source: UCLA WIlliams Institute and UCLA WIlliams Institute