An International ARMY Just Revealed The Name Of BTS J-Hope’s “Brother”

They posted it for everyone to see! 😂

J-Hope treats his fellow BTS members like his real-life siblings, but does he have any actual brothers?

He has an older sister named Jung Jiwoo who has recently signed with Cube Entertainment

| @mejiwoo103/Instagram

…as well as a father who looks so similar to him, they might be mistaken for brothers!

J-Hope’s dad and sister | @mejiwoo103/Instagram

As for J-Hope having an actual brother, one confused international ARMY might have figured out the identity of this mystery sibling!

Recently, a comment on Weverse caught J-Hope’s attention asking the question: What is this “Chuseok” they keep hearing about and what is its relation to Hoseok (J-Hope’s real name)?

| Weverse

Chuseok is actually a three-day Korean holiday celebrated at the beginning of fall where families gather together to eat and give thanks. However, that didn’t stop a fan from adding this hilarious text at the bottom of J-Hope’s profile to confirm this outlandish claim!

Edited profile translated by Koreaboo | Weverse

J-Hope couldn’t help but play along with the joke. After all, it won’t be long until he “meets” Chuseok!

We’ll see our Chuseokie soon 😅😅

— J-Hope

While J-Hope doesn’t actually have a brother, it would be fun to imagine if he did. However, his name definitely wouldn’t be Chuseok!