Even BTS’s J-Hope Gets Confused When Writing Dates Since The New Year

We can relate!

A new year can be a good thing. It represents a fresh start for many of us, a new chapter in the book of life.

BTS’s J-Hope | Coway

For others, it’s just yet another opportunity to make mistakes, very easy ones, such as… Writing the wrong date.

After 365 days of writing a year, one gets in the habit. So, to suddenly write a different number can be really confusing.


Well, we’re not the only ones making this common mistake since New Year’s Day. Even BTS‘s J-Hope is struggling!

As you know, J-Hope keeps his Instagram feed aesthetic by sharing only his personal polaroids. His most recent post is his OOTD from January 3. You may notice, however, that the date written on it looks digital…

J-Hope shared a photo of the original polaroid on Weverse, revealing that he had made a mistake. He had written “21” for the previous year, 2021, rather than 2022, our current year. The struggle is real!

| Weverse

No!!! My original..

— J-Hope

He soon fixed it by marking through the “21” and writing “22” along with “my mistake.” So, he must have edited out the entire mistake and written the actual date to keep that clean aesthetic for Instagram!

| Weverse

We can certainly relate. 😂

Source: Weverse