ARMYs Surprised To See These Hip Hop Legends Credited On The Solo Album Of BTS’s J-Hope

He got the nod from some of the biggest names in hip-hop!

Jack In The Box, the newly released solo album of BTS‘s J-Hope, is already garnering rave reviews and amazing reactions from listeners. While ARMYs were browsing through the tracks, some noticed a mindblowing detail in the credits for the seventh song on the album, called “What if…”

(left) R.Jones AKA ODB | @XXL/Twitter and (right) R.Diggs AKA RZA | @RZA/Twitter

The song credits list R.Diggs and R.Jones from the legendary hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan as co-writers, along with J-Hope and Dem Jointz!

But how did that happen?

Well, “What if…” actually sampled the song called “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” by Ol’ Dirty Bastard (stage name of the late R.Jones). The latter track was also co-written and produced by R.Diggs (also known as RZA).

ARMYs are currently both amazed and elated to learn that J-Hope was able to get the sampling cleared for his album. Even though his BTS teammates RM and Suga have previously used popular song samples in their mixtapes, getting a sampling cleared for a commercial album is a much more complicated process than featuring it on a free mixtape.

Talking to Rolling Stone about sampling the R.Jones song, J-Hope explained that the old-school hip-hop sound is his foundational base. That is why he kept his first solo album sonically close to that sub-genre.

The music I listened to when dancing[dances], the vibe that I had … that’s what I expresss in the music, and that’s what got included in Jack in the Box, going back to what I wanted to do, what I’m capable of, as my base.

BTS fans who are also hip-hop enthusiasts are particularly geeked out about this sampling. The septet has always emphasized their love for the genre. And J-Hope’s inclusion of this iconic beat on Jack In The Box has further proved that hip-hop is not just a concept to him but an essential part of his musical identity.

Fun fact: J-Hope’s “What if…” has now joined a long list of iconic songs that have sampled “Shimmi Shimmi Ya.” Some of these tracks include “Ugly” by Blaque (ft. Missy Elliot), “United Nations” by 50 Cent, “Bring Em In” by J.Cole, and “Ni**as Gossip” by Kanye West.

Source: Rolling Stone and Genius