Netizen Reaction Split On BTS’ Postponed Japanese Music Show Appearance

“Asahi TV was right on this one.”

It was recently reported that BTS’ appearance on the Japanese music program, Music Station, would be postponed due to a controversial shirt that was worn by Jimin.

BTS’s Japanese Music Show Appearance Postponed Because Of Jimin’s Shirt Over A Year Ago


One Japanese media outlet had even suggested that the BTS members were promoting anti-Japanese activities because of the shirt, which featured images from the Hiroshima bombing and the phrase “PATRIOTISM OURHISTORY LIBERATION KOREA”.


As a result of the controversy sparked by Jimin’s shirt in Japan, Asahi TV eventually announced that BTS’ appearance was postponed.

“One of the BTS members’ shirt design became controversial.

We will continue discussing with their agency about their intensions of wearing the shirt.

We’ve regretfully decided to postpone their appearance.”

ㅡ Asahi TV


Many Korean netizens could not understand the Japanese broadcasting station’s decision but didn’t seem to be very bothered by it and expressed their support for BTS instead.

  • “What’s wrong with a Korean person wearing a shirt that celebrates Korea’s liberation?”
  • “I’m proud of BTS.”
  • “Bangtan is the best! You guys are awesome.”
  • “They’re fine without Japan. Let’s just forget about Japan altogether, radiation isn’t good for your health anyway.”


The news became a big issue in Japan as well, with one article on a Japanese portal receiving more than 5,000 comments. Unlike the response in Korea, however, most of the comments reportedly agreed with Asahi TV’s decision to postpone BTS’ appearance.

  • “Asahi TV was right on this one.”


Moreover, the Japanese netizens have apparently been adding pressure to ban BTS from appearing on NHK’s Kohaku as well. The issue had already been brought to light following rising tensions between Korea and Japan with the Korean Supreme Courts verdict on the compensation of Korean workers during World War Two.


Meanwhile, Korean netizens and ARMYs have been stating that the situation took a turn for the better as BTS can now have some time to rest.

  • “There’s no use appearing on those old TV shows anyway^^ BTS has plenty of appearances to make other than you guys.”
  • “Global ARMYs are all extremely happy that the members can finally get some rest.”
  • “I hope Big Hit would just cancel their entire Japan tour lol.”
Source: My Daily