BTS Features In A “Jeopardy!” Question That ARMYs Could Answer In Literally 2 Seconds

Would you have gotten this question right?

BTS is so popular that the group is even used in questions on the super popular American quiz show, Jeopardy!

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On Jeopardy!, contestants answer numerous questions to prove how extensive their general knowledge is and win money. They answer questions on everything from art, to literature, to wordplay-based questions, to pop culture, and everything in between.

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BTS had their very own question on yesterday’s episode, and we know ARMYs would’ve been the first ones to answer if they were competing on the show! The question was “The answer is…in 2018, this K-Pop band learned the Answer: Love Myself.”

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ARMYs were thrilled to see BTS included in a Jeopardy! question.

This isn’t the first time BTS has been featured on Jeopardy!, and their inclusion in many questions on the game proves just how iconic they are. They were included in a question way back in November 2019.

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They also were included in a question from February 2021.

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They were included in yet another question in March 2021!

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Considering how many times BTS has been mentioned on Jeopardy! so far, we’re sure there will be plenty more questions about them in the future!

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