BTS’s J-Hope Was Shocked When He Forgot Something Important About Himself, But Staff Remembered

He was SHOOK. 😂

BTS‘s J-Hope was not ready when a staff member dropped a hilarious truth bomb on him!

For the 8th ARMY Official Membership kit, the members each took on office worker jobs. While filling out his information, J-Hope ran into a bit of trouble at the very beginning.

My age is 27. Wait, am I 28? No, I’m 27. My age is 27.

— J-Hope

At that moment, a staff member chimed in to correct on him on his own basic information. J-Hope forgot that he’s actually 28 years old and his surprised reaction says it all!

He sat back in disbelief that not only did he actually forget his age, he’s also older than he thought he was.

I can’t believe it…

— J-Hope

He muttered to himself in disbelief but immediately went back to working hard.

However, inside, he was still thinking about it. He cracked up by himself at his mistake and told the camera the truth!

My age is 28!

— J-Hope

We can’t blame J-Hope for being confused…

…when he looks like he never ages a day!