BTS J-Hope’s Latest Airport Look Is Reminding ARMY Of An Iconic Day Three Years Ago

We’re getting flashbacks! 😍

BTS‘s J-Hope recently greeted fans at the airport as he left for the US to headline Chicago music festival Lollapalooza. Sweeping netizens off their feet with his rockstar vibe, one particular detail about his look stood out the most!

It was his gorgeous hairstyle that stole the hearts of fans. Growing it out longer than ever before, his textured look gave off the coziest “boyfriend material” vibe.

J-Hope totally knew how good he looked, playing with his hair for the cameras — and this is bringing back a vivid memory for ARMY!

This particular day in April 2019 when BTS was entering Music Bank, often dubbed “fluffy Hobi” by adoring fans, shows another sleepy J-Hope in the morning…

…and it didn’t take long for his hair ruffling to go viral!

J-Hope’s tired look and wild hair created the cutest still photos.

Finally growing his hair out again after maintaining a short length for a few years….

…it’s safe to say that long hair brings out a new and fluffy side of J-Hope!

You can always count on J-Hope to show off his perfect visuals at the airport!