ARMYs Are Convinced BTS’s J-Hope Becomes “Jay” At The Airport Coming Back From America

No matter the season, he’s too cool!

BTS J-Hope‘s recent airport fashion once again reminded ARMYs why he’s too cool!

On his way back from the US, J-Hope rocked a long, faux Sherpa robe to help him get reacquainted with Korea’s harsh winter weather.

The UGG robe is a little pricey at $145 USD, but it’s sure to keep you warm throughout the cold months!

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter

J-Hope always look cool, whether it’s the dead of winter…

…or the heat of summer! His style was equally as cool, but with a lot less clothes, returning from the US alone in 2019.

After recording the music video for “Chicken Noodle Soup” in LA, “Jay” made his grand return in a denim jacket and shorts.

The star of the show? His collarbones, of course!

Is it traveling alone or the American air that brings out his cool side?

Either way, it seems cool guy “Jay” is here to stay!