Here’s How BTS’s Close Relationship With ARMYs Affects J-Hope

This is why BTS is so close with their fans.

When they can’t physically connect with ARMY in person, BTS can still foster togetherness through a variety of activities: They use social media updates and live streams to connect with fans in real-time, as well as dance challenges to participate in and have fun together. In a recent interview, J-Hope reveals why this strong sense of unity is important amongst BTS and ARMY.

J-Hope shared that actually building a strong sense of “togetherness” isn’t just a preference — There are many things that can’t be done alone.

For example, he often gets energized, inspired, and comforted by being with others, whether it’s his BTS members or fans.

ARMYs might feel the same way and benefit from enjoying time with the BTS members.

Being together and building this deep and genuine artist-fan community gives everything a bigger and more important meaning for J-Hope, as well.

Check out the full interview below.