BTS’s J-Hope Reveals His Strange Inspiration For The “Arson” Candle…That He Smelled In An American Bathroom

However, he has his reasons!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently helped create a variety of stunning Jack in the Box themed merchandise that sold out instantly among ARMY. Ranging from clothes to decor, every item was infused with his own ideas and personal touches.

BTS’s J-Hope shows off his items during a live broadcast. | Naver

One of the most popular items was the “Arson” candle. When reviewing it, J-Hope immediately reveals that fans may wonder why he chose this particular scent.

He explained how this unique scent gives off a “pop art” vibe, which is what much of Jack in the Box‘s imagery is inspired by.

Something like a very pop sentiment that I was going for, you could say. On top of that, I’m particularly fond of pop art and the key color scheme of this album consists of mint green and pink. I think this scent suits well with all of the things like that in many folds.

— J-Hope

He has an attachment to the scent through his own memories, reminded of the time he spent abroad in the United States.

However, his explanation sounds like an odd inspiration for a candle’s scent!

[I smelled this scent] in different studios in the States…or even in the bathroom, I think I smelled this. *Laughs*

— J-Hope

Though it may sound strange, he shared that it’s the fragrance used in various places.

It’s a scent that I’ve smelled often in studios or select shops.

— J-Hope

The candle’s description describes a delicious blend of unique ingredients that give off cozy vibes: Perfect for your own studio or room!

The scented candle exudes a fascinating combination of aromas: Woody musk blended with vanilla for the base note, spicy balsam and soft jasmine for the middle note, and powdery scent for the top note.

— Weverse Shop

On top of that, it’s gorgeous, sleek design makes it a modern piece of decor that’s suitable for anywhere from your work desk to your living room. As a bonus, when the entire candle has been burned, the container can continue to be used for storing various goods that can be seen through the transparent “Arson” logo.

J-Hope shares that the polarizing scent may not be for everyone, but everyone can enjoy a high quality piece of merchandise that he had a huge role in creating!

Check out what else he revealed during his livestream below.

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