Here’s Why BTS’s J-Hope Didn’t Like The Hair Extensions Stylists Gave Him

The regret was written on his face!

BTS‘s J-Hope impressed everyone by revealing he played an extensive role in various parts of his solo debut album Jack in the Box. From the music and merchandise to the outfits and imagery, he called the shots and made his own image come to life.

Even down to the small details like hair and makeup in the “Arson” music video, J-Hope shared his ideas on how to keep the focus on the music while still symbolizing the song’s imagery.

“Arson” represents J-Hope at a crossroads when he’s forced with a decision of putting out the fire or allowing it to burn even brighter, symbolic of his career and future choices. In this way, there’s a stark difference between the J-Hope from before the fire burns–wearing a clean, white jumpsuit–and after the fire burns.

Suggesting two completely different hairstyles to assist this visual change, J-Hope considers extensions for a messy look and then changing to a slicked-back wet look.

However, it’s all about trial and error — and things didn’t quite go according to plan!

Right as J-Hope tried the hair extensions, he knew the look wasn’t for him (no matter how much ARMY fell in love with the quick look)!

In the end, J-Hope chose two perfect styles to represent the song’s meaning in the music video. First, he rocks a parted look that exposes more of his face. Giving off a neat impression, this look shows J-Hope before the fire has taken over the set.

After, however, his messy and wild hair matches perfectly with his roughed up, burnt look! Showing the aftermath of his choices, J-Hope’s wild look shows the effects of the damage and presents a new version of himself that must deal with the chaos he’s created.

Check out more of J-Hope’s genius ideas for his album below.

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