BTS’s J-Hope Teases At The Return Of His Debut Hairstyle And ARMYs Are Freaking Out

Will we get this iconic look again?

BTS‘s J-Hope shocked ARMYs worldwide when he decided to do two dramatic things to his hair in the span of a month: Go platinum blonde and take off a few inches!

With an influx of compliments, the handsome look suits him perfectly. However, he revealed it might be around that time to switch up his look again!

During a recent live broadcast, he shared that his short platinum blonde hair earned him many compliments, so he did his best to continue to keep the look.

After I dyed my hair white, many staff and people told me it suits me very well.

— J-Hope

However, he revealed that hair damage is inevitable for such a dramatic look and it might be time for a change to keep his hair healthy.

An ARMY’s comment brought up his black hair, and J-Hope began to reminisce of a specific era’s iconic hairstyle.

During ‘N.O,’ I had short black hair.

— J-Hope

Every ARMY remembers J-Hope’s short black hairstyle during 2013…and it seems the day might come where this legendary look will return!

If I get a chance, I want to have short black hair.

— J-Hope

There’s only one problem: Will ARMY’s hearts be able to handle this handsome look again? Only time will tell what J-Hope decides to do with his next hair adventure!