BTS’s J-Hope Reveals What “Blue Side” Really Means To Him In Latest Livestream

It’s different from his other music.

During BTS‘s recent livestream, J-Hope discusses his latest song, “Blue Side.”

He recently released the full version of the song on the third anniversary of his mixtape, Hope World. The original version, featured as the outro track, was doubled in length and features a more “complete” feeling with a variety of soothing vocals and emotional lyrics from J-Hope.

J-Hope said the song is “filled with nostalgia” and allows him to look back on his past self.

While Hope World was released in 2018, he once revealed that he began working on the song “Blue Side” as early as 2015. By returning to it, J-Hope was able to revisit the feelings he felt only two years after debuting.

He also revealed in his blog post that it was a way for him to deal with the emotions many people experience of “missing the past and wanting to connect to it.”

I want to embrace the younger version of me — so that I can embrace the current version of me. It’s like the past comforting the present. I need that safe space, a blue side, where I can cool off and come to my senses, especially when I’m at my hottest.

— J-Hope’s blog post

Not only is the song meaningful and comforting to both J-Hope and ARMYs, but his members also told him the new style feels different from many of J-Hope’s other releases.

We hope J-Hope continues to branch out and show his musical prowess by taking on new challenges like Blue Side!

Check out the full version of the song below.

BTS’s J-Hope Releases Full Version Of “Blue Side” On The Anniversary Of His Mixtape