BTS J-Hope Shows His True Personality Working Behind The Scenes Of Crush’s “Rush Hour”

Here’s everything that ARMY hasn’t seen — until now!

Crush and BTS‘s J-Hope just took fans behind the scenes of the “Rush Hour” music video.

Crush and BTS’s J-Hope | Naver

Crush explained the song’s meaning and how the music video showcases his imagination resolving a frustrating situation, like being stuck in rush hour.

In the video, J-Hope’s feature showcased his praiseworthy dance skills…

…and his gorgeous visuals!

However, the feature meant a lot more to J-Hope than just a display of his talent.

He revealed how it was his first time being featured as a solo artist on a song. Ever since officially establishing himself as a solo artist with his solo album Jack in the Box, the door has been opened to new and exciting opportunities.

Because it was his first ever solo feature, he poured his heart into it and made it the best it could be.

Crush attested to this during BlackVOX episode 1 where he revealed just how intensely J-Hope worked on the song!

You came to my studio. We had this recording session together. You worked so hard that sweat ran down your face! [You said] ‘Let me do it again,’ ‘I can do this better,’ ‘Let me try one more time,’ you kept saying that. You focused for almost 3 to 4 hours straight. I saw you concentrate like that. Normally, it’s natural to get tired. … You have incredible concentration.

— Crush

Additionally, J-Hope’s lyrics describe his own take on the term “rush hour.”

After researching about “rush hour,” he thought of it in his own way.

As for my personal interpretation of ‘traffic,’ or my life, traffic doesn’t have to be associated with cars on the road. I interpreted many cars on the road as people.

— J-Hope

Just like the song suggests, J-Hope decided to trust in Crush and work together to create a funky song that everyone can enjoy!

In everything he does, J-Hope shows his hardworking and humble work ethic!

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below.

Additionally, watch episode 1 of Crush’s BlackVOX featuring J-Hope here.