BTS’s J-Hope And Crush Show Off Their Perfect Chemistry In New “Rush Hour” TikTok Challenge

This duo is so chaotic! 😂

Crush‘s new song “Rush Hour” featuring BTS‘s J-Hope just dropped and that can only mean one thing: It’s dance challenge time!

The two went right to TikTok to show off the cool choreography in detail…

…and as expected, they had a blast doing it!

Inviting fans to join in on the fun, you can make your own submission…

…and knowing J-Hope’s track record of watching fans participate in his TikTok challenges, you just might get noticed!

One of the dances highlights is the freestyle dance where you can implement any move you want and your partner must follow your steps.

Join in on the fun and test your skills along with Crush and J-Hope!

Check out the music video for “Rush Hour” below.