BTS’s J-Hope Describes What A Live Performance Of “Dis-ease” Would Look Like

ARMY might see this in concert one day!

BTS‘s J-Hope revealed what fans might be able to expect from a future live performance of “Dis-ease” in concert.

Not only does the song title “Dis-ease” have a dual meaning in English, the Korean title “병 (byeong)” is also a play on words.

Meaning both “glass bottle” and “illness,” J-Hope discusses how his workaholic tendencies began to feel like a mental illness during the COVID-19 pandemic when he was forced to relax.

The disease I had in mind when I wrote the song at first was a psychological one.

— J-Hope

Though he admitted he focused more on creating a meaningful song that suits his style rather than the live performance element, he still created an idea based on the title’s dual meaning.

The set would consist of a giant glass bottle in which the members would sing and rap inside.


In the end, the members would break the glass and emerge as a metaphor for overcoming the hardships.

I started off with the idea of breaking these diseases. ‘Let’s break this and move on with my life.’

— J-Hope

J-Hope’s thoughtful idea for a live performance would be both meaningful and unique to see live in concert!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

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