“He Asked Not To Be Named But…” BTS’s J-Hope Gains Attention For Secretly Donating To A Dog Shelter, Helping Them Revamp The Facilities

What a good person!

On August 31, 2023, a blog post began to gain vitality after it revealed that BTS’s J-Hope had been a silent supporter of a dog shelter. Someone representing a glass manufacturing company called Yeonjoo Glass made a post about how they were contacted regarding donations for a dog shelter that they also simultaneously run.

J-Hope’s mother had contacted the shelter on his behalf.

Hello. This is glass manufacturing company, Yeonjoo Glass. I’m going to write a post about our dog shelter. On February 2022, a lady who read my blog post about the dog shelter. I almost fainted later on when I realized [who it was]. A world star! It was BTS’ J-Hope! J-Hope’s mother said that our shelter looked in such a poor state that she wanted to help.

— Staff

Prior to his help, this was how the shelter looked. Many of the living quarters for the dogs were in poor condition. As it was a voluntary shelter, they did not have much funds for the place.

| Yeonjoo Glass on Naver

After the miraculous call from J-Hope’s mother, the shelter began renovations sponsored by J-Hope. The entire place was revamped.

| Yeonjoo Glass on Naver

Whenever heavy rain and typhoons hit the area, the flimsy shelter structure would crash. Without any sponsors or donors, it was just one ahjumma managing and protecting the dogs. They were extremely thankful for the helping hand, even though they did not know who is it was from at that point in time.

| Yeonjoo Glass on Naver

The dogs were finally given a place to call home. New floors and caging were installed, along with blankets for warmth. They also had new, sturdy roof structures.

| Yeonjoo Glass on Naver

The managing staff praised J-Hope for not forgetting about the shelter after the initial donation. Even in the military, he made sure to send dog food for the dogs. Finally, after a call to J-Hope’s mother recently, the shelter got permission to publicize his good deed.

The staff member hoped that J-Hope’s kindness would help sheltered animals gain more attention. Netizens were also full of praise for the world star.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • How cool of Hobie.
  • So cool, Hobie.
  • This is so touching. I totally have a good impression of J-Hope now.
  • Hobie is an angel, truly.
  • I’ve already read this, but I came in to read it again… Hobie is deserving of hundreds and thousands of flowers.
  • So cool of him.
  • How cool.
  • Gasp… As I read it and realized that it was Hoseok, I was so surprised. I’m crying… As expected of my singer.

What a good deed from J-Hope!

Source: Theqoo