ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Is In Awe Of BTS J-Hope’s True Personality While Making A TikTok Together

He reveals what he’s really like!

Both ARMY and ENGENE were pleased to hear that ENHYPEN spent some time with BTS‘s J-Hope while participating in his “on the street” TikTok challenge.

Heeseung discussed how the experience went during a live broadcast and revealed some information about J-Hope’s true personality behind the scenes.

Raving about how kind and friendly he was, J-Hope supported ENHYPEN despite their shyness.

J-Hope sunbae-nim was so friendly to us. We were very stiff because we were at a loss for what to do and were being shy but he was so nice to us.

— Heeseung

He made sure to ease their nerves by saying comforting words. Heeseung shared how much the kind gesture impacted him.

He said comforting words to us like, ‘It’s rough, right? Hwaiting. I’m always cheering you on.’ I was so thankful. I was very touched.

— Heeseung

Even after the challenge was completed, Heeseung continued to feel J-Hope’s genuine and down-to-earth personality.

He also posted it on Instagram and I was able to feel that he was being sincere about it.

— Heeseung

He concluded by expressing his gratitude to J-Hope’s kindness and promising to work hard!

J-Hope sunbae-nim, I love you. I’ll work hard to become a junior artist that’s not embarrassed. I’ll work really hard!

— Heeseung

It’s no surprise that these two hardworking and kind artists get along very well and support each other even behind the scenes!