BTS J-Hope’s Representative Color Is No Longer Green — Here’s What He Chose Instead

Do you agree with his choice?

When most ARMYs think of BTS J-Hope‘s representative color, the color green immediately comes to mind!

In various interviews and profiles throughout the years, J-Hope has stated that green is his favorite color and that he loves how vivid it is.

Of course, he also wears the color a lot!

J-Hope revealed that though he still loves the color green, he has now chosen a different representative color.

In the past, especially when I just debuted, I thought I should pick something fierce, such as neon or bright. And I do like the color green, too. I chose the color that matched my image as much as possible.

— J-Hope

The color that now symbolizes him is brown!

One of the reasons J-Hope is drawn to the color brown now is because it is a calming and comforting color.

It gives a mood of calm in general, I guess. It makes you have a sense of relief.

— J-Hope

Additionally, he likes to wear neutral clothes lately that include the color brown.

Check out some photos of J-Hope in brown below that will convince you this is his color!

However, he still loves green and ARMY will always associate him with this color, too! Check out how he suits green below.


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